Transitions: Maintaining Continuity of Performance + Aesthetics Amidst Violent Climates | Forms | Construction Schedules

After completing all of the analysis and design to perfectly arrange your lines of insulation, moisture barriers, vapor control, and air control; you finally have your wall assembly.  While you should be happy to check that off your list, you should also know you are far from done.  Anyone who has designed, drawn, analyzed, or constructed a building’s skin knows that the biggest challenges lie ahead in the transitions–which are not surprisingly– where most failures occur.

How will that assembly bend to the need for aesthetic, structural, and performative continuity as they wrap around the corner, intersect a balcony soffit, die into the foundation, climb the roof, or wrap into the curtain wall?  …and all without leaking heat, air, or moisture???

This talk, by example of case studies spanning multiple climate/seismic/wind zones, building types, and project budgets, will discuss ways of maintaining continuity across these types of transitions and more.  And, as the speaker holds firm the belief that a project isn’t real until it’s been realized, this talk will also delve into the most important transition of all – that from Design to Construction.


  1. Identify joint types in wall assemblies and when to use them.
  2. Review methods of maintaining continuity of all control layers across changes of planes and materials.
  3. How to implement structural thermal break technologies.
  4. Review successes and failures of transitions to, from, and within fenestration systems.


WPBHeadShotWilliam P. Babbington
AIA  PE  LEED AP BD+C | Façade Performance + Design Director  | Studio NYL Structural + Façade Design |  Chair – Building Enclosure Council-Colorado Chapter |  Phone: +1.303.558.3145  ext. 5  |  Email:

Will is the Façade Performance Design Director for Studio NYL’s Skins Group in Boulder, Colorado.  As both an architect and an engineer, he has designed, realized, written, and presented on award-winning and high performance building enclosures on local, national, and international levels.