The Minnesota Building Enclosure Council meets each month September through May.  At these meetings, members and guests share highly relevant information and innovative ideas on design and construction practices, research, and case studies. We encourage presentations from members, invited speakers, others who share our mission in advancing building enclosure performance. A wide range of topics pertaining to building enclosures or general building science may be submitted for approval.

Benefits to presenting include networking with influential and engaging professionals in Minnesota’s building enclosure community, including designers, contractors, engineers, specialty consultants, manufacturer representatives, building officials, and facility managers. All presenters also receive a permanent page on the MN BEC website.

The following guidelines serve to ensure that presentations adhere to a high standard while offering engaging, relevant topics to MN BEC members.

Monthly Meetings

The Minnesota Building Enclosure Council generally meets on the third Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon – 2 PM. Unless an alternative venue is selected, our regular meetings take place at the Kraus Anderson Training Facility:

501 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404

How to volunteer as a speaker/presenter

Suggest a proposed topic to the BEC-MN chair at least 60 days prior to the presentation date.


Approved presentations are announced as soon as possible. Please provide the following information at least thirty days prior to the scheduled presentation:

  1. Title of presentation
  2. Presenter name(s), professional title, company/organization, phone number, email.
  3. Short bio for each presenter
  4. Abstract/Summary of presentation
  5. Topic photograph or illustration (620 x 264 px)
  6. Photograph of presenter(s)

Available Equipment

The Kraus Anderson Training Center features full array of high-quality presentation equipment and supplies, including a wide screen projector, microphones, and laser pointers. A laptop with Windows 10 and PowerPoint can be provided upon request.

Presentation Format

Our monthly meetings are generally one to two hours. You may format your presentations however you like.


Presenters are encouraged to provide handouts, such as slideshow printouts, related articles, or material samples. Our attendance varies, but when offering handouts please plan for a minimum of 35 attendees. Links to electronic media can be posted with the event announcement on the MN BEC website. Attendees can access these materials online under the “Events” menu selection. Presenters are responsible for providing reliable links to these resources.

Product Vendors

Vendors are welcome to present, but please honor our requirements for product-neutral presentations with high technical merit. There is ample opportunity to network both before and after the meeting should you wish to discuss your particular product line.