ASTM/AAMA Water Penetration Spray Testing. What You Need to Know.

Attendees will learn about quality assurance water penetration testing and quality assurance air infiltration. The discussion will involve the various ASTM International standards and AAMA specifications utilized for testing. Which standards / specifications should be utilized for specific projects and shouldn’t be and why.


Sovell-smallMichael John Sovell  |  Owner  |  Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting  |  Phone:  952-367-6578  |  Email:

Mike Sovell started his career in testing after graduation from St. Cloud State University with a double major in construction management and environmental assessment. He then was employed at Architectural Testing, one of the nation’s largest third party fenestration testing laboratories. It was there where he learned product testing, field service testing, thermal testing, curtain wall testing, component testing, and research and development testing. After leaving Architectural Testing Mike formed Sovell Investigative Testing and Consulting (SITC) a third party independent testing laboratory. Since starting SITC Mike has implemented the world’s first testing training program. Mike is an AAMA Installation Masters accredited instructor. And is technical committee member of ASTM International E06 performance of buildings which promotes knowledge, stimulation of research, development and maintenance of standards for the performance of buildings. And is also a technical committee member on C14 glass and glass products which leads in the development of test methods, methods of analysis, specifications and standard practices