A Case Study of a High Rise Whole-Building Air Test.

1) Case Study

  • Test Specifications: (requested test standard & pass/fail criteria)
  • Enclosure Area to be tested: (conditioned spaces, mechanical rooms)
  • Intentional Openings: (HVAC included and HVAC excluded)
  • Assembling the Team: (owner, client, HVAC, controls, electric etc.)
  • Preparation of Building Before Test: (by ATI and/or Client)
  • Test Equipment Staging Before Test: (fans, computers, communications, 10% pressure monitors)
  • Safety and Security During Testing: (elevators, security alarms, etc.)
  • Conducting the Test: (building vacant or occupied)
  • Identifying Low Hanging Fruit upon failure: (infrared and smoke tracing)
  • Reporting the Results (verbally and in writing)
  • Follow-up with Low Hanging Fruit Repairs

2) Statistics From Previous Tests

3) Questions & Answers


stevensDale G. Stevens, CBO, QCxP
Senior Project Manager – Building Sciences
Intertek | Architectural Testing