November 2020: Air Barriers – They Might be Continuous, but Still in Danger of Allowing Building Component Damage

Tuesday November 10, 2020

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Virtual/Online Meeting


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Come join us while Ryan Krug presentations on Air Barriers: They might be Continuous, but Still in Danger of Allowing Building Component Damage.

Learning Objectives/Abstract – Uncontrolled airflow within a building enclosure can cause damage to building components. Due to harsh winter conditions in Minnesota and our firm services, Pie has the unique opportunity to see through forensics investigations, monitoring of existing buildings, and extensive design consultation, areas of concern to designers, contractors, and building owners. In addition, how to prevent and remediate problems will be outlined. Learning objectives for the presentation are:

    • Overview of dew point calculations and what they represent.
    • How to identify areas of concern by relating it to the distance from the conditioned space and air flow to or within areas of concern by utilizing thermal modeling examples.
    • What can happen if interior air barriers are not implemented (illustrated through use of case studies)?
    • Review how a building can be monitored, and highlight data collected form an existing to illustrate the theory behind moisture formation and how it occurs, typically in non-visible areas.
    • Tips to utilize in the selection of assemblies and detailing of new construction.

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