Integrated Sheathing Systems

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Recent trends in products offered by the manufacturers of building enclosure systems have increasingly sought to combine a number of the components that are used to construct the exterior wall envelope. Available options include factory coated sheathing panels of gypsum or wood that include integral weather barriers, as well as “total systems” that replace traditional sheathing with rigid insulated panels with pre-applied weather-resistive barriers. As with most new innovations, growing pains have been encountered as designers learn to effectively detail & specify, and installers devise best practices for the construction of these systems. Opinions vary about where and when these systems present a desirable alternative to traditional methods of construction. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the available integrated systems including case studies that highlight the pros and cons and suggestions for effective planning, documentation and installation where appropriate.


Paul Whitenack of Kraus Anderson

Jon Porter of Kraus Anderson

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